B.L.O.GAGT GirlsRebecca Miller / September 26, 2017

Sophie, 25, London

I am super happy to have been offered this opportunity by ALL GOOD THINGS to become their AGTGIRL brand ambassador. I have quickly fallen in love with the brand, I see the direction it’s going in and I want to go there too! AGT believes in confidence and attitude, and they are important aspects in my personal life too – so why shouldn’t it be the same for the clothing I wear? ATG makes this easy for me, but most of all I like that I can express who I am and be myself.

What is your favourite AGT pieces?

I love the sheer white star top, it has to be my favourite out of the new collection so far. I’ve worn it casually during the day with jeans and more dressed up at night. The “Champagne Made Me Do It” sweatshirt is my go to everything pull over. For my morning walks with my dog, travelling, shopping, you name it I’ve worn it there. I can’t wait to try different products and see the development of new collections. 

How would you describe your own style?

I think my style is like my personality; non apologetic. If someone is afraid to wear it, I won’t be. I love showing off skin and have no problem revealing my wild side through my outfits! Being feminine and flirty with my clothes, but sometimes I like a bit of masculinity and raw edge. 

What I love about fashion at the moment is how easy it is to be cool. I feel like you don’t have to overcomplicate an outfit in order to be fashionable. It’s both less is more and more is more in my opinion. There’s no right or wrong anymore. It’s refreshing.

Lara, 20, London

AGT is a very edgy brand that is introducing people to London street style and show more of a woman’s attitude. I like that you can wear AGT for any occasion; you can go out to uni or a party with the clothes from their first collection. Lots of super casual items but at the same time they offer occasional wear – depending what you need, they’ve got it!

How would you describe your own style?

Personally, I don’t think I have a specific style, I just dress how I feel – and that’s really important for me. Most of the time I opt for sport or casual clothes.

The fashion industry at the moment is really exciting, we’re seeing the 90s trend coming back with a modern twist. AGT have that covered.